about us

D.O.G. Daily Outdoor Gallivants are based in Milngavie and cover Milngavie, Bearsden and surrounding areas.

D.O.G. offer the following services to homeowners :

  • A dog walking service which can be tailored to your dog's specific requirements.
  • Puppy care involving puppy visits and/or puppy walking.

D.O.G. can pick up your dog and take him or her for a walk in the countryside around Milngavie. We can tailor the walk's start time, duration,  if it is to be a solo or group walk and if the dog is to be on or off it's lead, to suit your dog's needs.

D.O.G. offer a short 30 minute walk for puppies, so as not to tire them out too much at a young age. During the walk we expose the puppy to a variety of new sights, smells and sounds and introduce them to friendly adult dogs of different breeds. Socialising a young puppy and exposing them to as many day to day ocurrences is the best way to ensure that they grow into confident, happy, friendly dogs.


D.O.G. can visit your puppy during the day to feed them, clean up any accidents, let them out in the garden or simply give them play time and love and affection.

D.O.G. gives dog owners the freedom they have been looking for, along with more time to themselves.

There are no contracts. Alter your service at anytime.

Browse this site to learn more about the services we provide or give us a call at 07799 700138