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No time to give your dog the exercise they need ? Allow D.O.G. to give your dog a walk and take care of it for you. We can go for as long and as often as you like. We will take your dog for a walk in the countryside that he/she will thoroughly enjoy. We bring water and treats with us to make sure that your dog has a great experience.

Our service is tailored to the specific needs of your dog. 

The duration of the walk can be altered to suit your dog. A young, old or overweight dog may benefit from a short walk. A high energy dog may need a much longer walk.

D.O.G. offer group and solo walks. Group walks give your dog the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a countryside walk with a small group of other social, well behaved dogs. Solo walks may suit young, old or nervous dogs. They may also be suitable if you work shifts and you require your dog walked at specific times or perhaps if you would just prefer that your dog is not walked as part of a pack.  Solo walks may also be used as a starter walk for dogs who need a little bit of socialisation before being integrated into a group walk. 

At D.O.G. the safety of your dog is paramount and as such dogs will be assessed during their first few walks to ensure they will cope well as part of the group.

If requested, dogs can be walked off lead. However, this will only occur once D.O.G. have assessed their recall to be good.

Once walked D.O.G. ensure your dog's paws have been cleaned and then deliver him/her back home, tired but happy.


D.O.G. provides your dog's first walk for free.

To book your first walk call us on 07799 700138 or click here to enter your contact details into our email form.



If you have just got a puppy, but are not around during the day then we can provide the support you need. We can come and visit your puppy during the day to help make puppy care stress free. This is a tricky time for new owners and we can make life easier for both you and your new puppy.

Before your puppy is able to go out for walks, we can come and visit to ensure his or her day is well balanced.  

What's included in the puppy care ?

  • clean up any little accidents
  • provide food and water
  • let your puppy outside to toilet
  • play and cuddle with your puppy 

What happens after my puppy's had it's vaccinations ?

Once your puppy’s had all their vaccinations and is able to go out, we can start incorporating short walks into the visit. This  get’s your puppy used to the outside world and gets them used to walking on the lead.


We can then start getting your puppy used to meeting other dogs by introducing them to some of the other dogs we walk. We do this by taking them out for a section of the group dog walk. They just love this and it is great for socialisation. This will ensure your puppy quickly learns how to behave and interact with other dogs.

As your puppy grows and is able to manage bigger walks, he or she can be incorporated into proper walks with other dogs. Your puppy will have a fantastic time and it leaves you knowing that he or she is having fun.